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A statutory demand can be used where there is an undisputed debt of over £5,000.00 for an individual or a debt over £750 If you are a limited company.
If the debt is undisputed or has been obtained by a County Court Judgment you would not be able to apply to the County Court for a set aside hearing.

Setting aside a statutory demand

If you or your company dispute the debt on the demand and you have a reasonable defence, you can submit your defence to the County Court with the 18 days since service of the demand if you’re an individual or apply to the High Court for an Injunction within 21 days if you are a limited company.


You do not require a solicitor to serve a statutory demand as it is not an official Court document.
But we advise that you instruct a solicitor with experience to help you defend the demand and to deal with all documentation for the hearing to have it set aside or get an Injunction for your company as this now involves the County Court or High Court.


If you are successful at Court you would be able to apply for a cost order against the person or company that sent you the demand.

If you can't pay the CCJ

The court will set your repayments based on information you provide about your income and spending.

The creditor can return to court to enforce the Judgment if you do not make the agreed payments - this will incur more costs and could even result in having a Statutory Demand issued against you or your company.

A CCJ will be on your credit file for 6 years.